Keynote 2 Video Export Settings
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I'd like to export a Keynote 2 presentation to a video, but all of my attempts result in bad quality and skipping. What settings and codecs should I be using?

The default high-quality export gives me a file that seems to stutter on playback. My presentation is about 7 minutes long. I must be able to play this back on a Windows machine in a constant loop. I had assumed VLC would be the best option.

Most of the codec options in the advanced export settings don't work. Do I need to install additional software to use them? I don't mind doing this, but I also don't know how to do it.

What framerate, codec, and other settings should I use to get high quality video from my effects-laden presentation? Filesize isn't a limitation, and my presentation has no audio.
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I've had no problem exporting to a Quicktime. The mouse clicks advance to the next slide or transition.
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I'm using the option to have a normal, self-playing video, since this is going to be an unattended presentation. I've set each slide and transition up with automatic delays, so that part works fine.
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So you're saying the problem is all on the playback machine? (What happens if you try to play it back on the Mac that you made the presentation on?)

Why are you playing it via VLC and not the normal QuickTime player?
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Is it stuttering because it's using 100% CPU?
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I'd build a SWF file (flash) as it should permit the vector output for flash...providing really decent playback....but you'll need to go to flash to build the repeats.

If you want to pretty much guarantee it will work in windows:

The Full Quality is pretty demanding (Sor3, 1024x768). 800x600 would have a better chance

CD-Rom Medium is decent...The video size will be decent...that choice if it was 800x600 would be better (as it'd be 400x300).

You could use custom...but could you exhaust these options first?
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Well, it looks like the default Full Quality (1024x768) works if I shut down all the other programs running on my powerbook. I'll test this file out on Windows tomorrow, hopefully it will be fast enough to play it without any hiccups.

Is there anything I can do to decrease the CPU requirement without losing too much of the quality?
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drop the size.

sorenson 3 really eats as you go to present at the size.
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