Can You Help Me Identify This Blues Singer?
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"Blues For A Rotten Afternoon" CD filter: can anyone tell me who is singing/playing on "If The Sea Was Whiskey" on this CD? The promo says "No matter what causes the pain, sometimes the only answer seems to be diving into a sea of drink, as Willie Dixon prepares to do in 'If the Sea Was Whiskey.'" Here's a link to a page with samples from all the tracks on this (great) CD. It doesn't sound like Willie Dixon to me, and the track listing says "Willie Dixon Tribute." Thanks!
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Best answer: I don't know, but this guy probably would.
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Best answer: It's Doug Wainoris. The same version appears on the Telarc compilation Bar Room Blues: A 12-Track Program ... and the Telarc compilation The Songs of Willie Dixon ... and in the Telarc box set A Salute to the Chicago Blues Masters ... (you get the idea)
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, you guys!

I'm marking you both as best answers--mykescipark, because now I know the answer to my question, and SuperSquirrel, because now I know about that awesome link. Thanks so much!
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