YouTube not handling multiple Keynote audio tracks
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When starting and stopping (i.e. pausing) audio/slide recording in Keynote, how do I get the final export to play the complete audio when uploaded to YouTube?

I'm using Keynote to record narrated (i.e. audio-accompanied) slide presentations. These are on the longer side, so I'll usually want to stop recording them at points to take a break or record one part where I messed up. This works great in Keynote, and when I export my work as a .mov to Quicktime, everything plays correctly: I see my slides, I hear my voice all the way through the movie.

However, when I upload to YouTube, I'm only hearing the audio from before the first time I stopped recording. I believe this is because the file uses multiple audio tracks, one for each start > stop recording, but since Quicktime handles these files fine I don't understand how to fix them so that the complete audio plays in YouTube. Any ideas?

If you know of any free software that lets you record narration over slides and start and stop the audio during recording (when I need to take a break), I'd also be happy to use something other than Keynote. (I've read this post, but it isn't specific enough to my needs.)
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Best guess:

1) Export as usual in Keynote
2) Open in Quicktime player

Note: You'll need "Quicktime player Pro" and you'll need Version 7. Version 7 does more than the current version. This is silly. Apple knows this is silly, so they usually install this in your utilities folder. You might already have it. If not, should be able to download it from Apple, then upgrade it to the pro version that allows exporting.

Note2: VLC Player is a good substitute (so is Handbrake). Both are free.

In whatever program, export your file again using YouTube standards. This SHOULD fix the problem. If not, try one of these other 2 programs.
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