Regional Netflix Canada selections?
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What's with my Netflix Canada selection?

I live in Toronto and have a friend in Hamilton, two cities less than an hour drive from each other. Both of us have Netflix accounts, but our selections differ for certain items. For example, he has Star Trek and some South Park, while I have Arthur.

Testing each account at the other's home doesn't change the selection, leading us to believe it's a regional thing. Does anyone know why this is and is there a way to change it?
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Is there a line or two missing here? I'm not sure I understand the question.
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The poster is asking why two different Netflix Canada accounts, owned by people who live one hour away from one another, seem to have different Netflix (streaming) selections, i.e. that one can access Star Trek while the other can access Arthur, but neither one can access both.
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Does he somehow have an American account? Netflix in the states has South Park and Star Trek.
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It may depend on the cable carriers in your region. I know that Netflix in at least some parts of Ontario is limited because Rogers On-Demand has the exclusive on-demand license for lots of movies and shows.
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auto-correct might be on to something; here in Hamilton the main cable carrier is Cogeco. Apparently there are also areas served by Shaw and Source (if the Cable 14 website is to be believed). </non-tv-watcher>
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One thing I've noticed with Netflix, is that if you mark some items (or rate them) as "already seem" then they almost disappear completely. You need to look in the "watch again" section.
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Do you mean the Russell Brand Arthur movie, or the kid's show? I live in Kitchener and I don't have ANY Star Trek or South Park, and just the kid's show Arthur. We are a Rogers town.
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What you see on the front page is stuff based on your ratings and preferences and whatnot. If you don't rate stuff, it won't know what to show you. Use the search to actually find stuff.

That said, if he's seeing South Park and Star Trek, he's definitely getting the American content. Hamilton is pretty close to the border; maybe the Netflix server thinks he's in the US?

He's not using a proxy, is he?
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Sounds like he's somehow got an American account. Just spitballin' here, but what does he use it on? If a game console, was it purchased in the States? I know sometimes that matters, like a Japanese PS3 can log onto the Japanese PSN even if it's in North America. Never heard of this with Netflix though.
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Thanks everyone. Just to be clear, we were explicitly searching for those titles trying to figure out what was happening.

We're still not completely sure, but it does sound like he has an American account. We're not going to rock the boat by asking though, just in case they decide to fix his 'problem.'

Thanks again, everyone!
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