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How to Reward my Facebook Page followers?

As a hobby i run a fishing blog (~11k pageviews per month) and as it gets more popular i would like to reward my facebook followers (~200) with some type of gift. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to plug the blog here so i'll just say it's in my profile if you want to look.

I'm trying to get a web based fishing lure reseller like lurenet or tacklewarehouse to offer my subscribers some kind of special deal if they use a unique coupon code or click a specific link from my site.

I'm willing to spend a few hundred bux total, so I ask you hive mind... what can i get (and easily distribute to) my facebook followers?
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Rather than give something to each individual follower, I think doing a series of giveaways (a la notmartha) would be pretty cool. Maybe one a week for a month? Each interested follower could post a reply to a facebook status update about the giveaway, you pick randomly, and then contact that one person for an address to send it to. That way, you're not only rewarding them, but also encouraging participation on your facebook page (if that's something you're into).
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The biggest reward that I think random people on your facebook page can get is regular interaction from you-- people really love it when people they're interested in but don't know personally talk to them on the internet.

Not that giveaways would hurt.
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Response by poster: Hmmmm I already do a lure of the month giveaway sponsored by local lure manufacturers... but yeah maybe i'll give away something particularly special for the next few weeks. thanks for the tip @phunniemee
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~200 followers, willing to spend a few hundred? I think I might hunt around or similar for some fun wee tchotcke, and offer to send one to absolutely all current followers. (Safe bet not all will be bothered to send you their mailing details, I think, so the shipping costs &c would probably be manageable?) I think people would find that pretty sweet; certainly "free present just because you like me on FB" isn't something one sees very often. Hand-write a line or two of thanks on a small card with it.
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+1 on the thank you card idea. That's pretty unique and could really motivate people to join your FB page. Perhaps something like, a personalized thank you note (hand-written) for the first 200 fans?
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Just a heads up for giveaways or contests, the company I work for used to advertise contests and giveaways on our Facebook Page and then Facebook contacted us and told us we weren't allowed to hold them and they would shut down our page if we held them anymore unless we wanted to become Facebook advertisers.
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