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Whats that book with tigers wearing clothes and traveling?

I very vaguely remember this book from my childhood in the 80's. I remember it was gorgeously drawn, and freaked me out quite a bit, though it likely was not scary. Surreal, probably :) They were on a train at one point, I think. If yall geniuses can find it online, even better! Thanks.
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I can't remember a train, but Tiger Flower/The Love of Tiger Flower fit the bill in terms of gorgeously drawn trippy surrealist tiger stories.
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Response by poster: Not it, sadly. I'm 98% sure the illustrations were full page or almost so. Maybe drawn was a poor word choice... they were very well painted. They sorta-kinda remind me of Renior paintings, but moodier, gothic-ier, and with zero of Renoir's 'wispy' paint touches.
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The Tiger Who Came To Tea?
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Best answer: Richard Adams, The Tyger Voyage, illustrated by the very talented Nicola Bayley. (Sample image of tygers here.)
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Not tigers, but Little Fox Goes to the End of the World has foxes wearing clothes and traveling. It looks like they've reprinted it with a new illustrator, but the edition from the mid '80s (illustrated by John Wallner) has some really beautiful and eerie full-page spreads.
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Was the entire book about tigers? Graeme Base's alphabet book Animalia has a page of "Two Tigers Taking the 10:20 Train to Timbuktu."
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Response by poster: Verstegan got it! Weird that it has tyger in the name... thanks for sorta helping, subconscious! But much thanks to everybody who helped. Some of these look great too! :)
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