Mi-24 Hinde Sippy Cup Valve Replacement
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My daughter has a sippy cup with her name on it similar to this. I can't find any replacement valves.

The rubber valve has developed some weird black spots that won't come off with soap or even chipping off with a toothpick, so I tossed it. I've found the manufacturer here but their website is useless.

The cup is usable without the valve, but pretty much only at the dinner table.
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I just did a google shopping search for sippy cup replacement valve. see if any of these look like yours.
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Our valves also got black on them. It's mold, I think. We soaked the valves in a bleach/hot water solution in a bowl overnight. Rinsed them really well in the morning and put them in the dishwasher.

Or, what you could just do is go out and buy a new sippy cup -- we've found that our kids chew on them so much that buying new ones every so often is a good idea.
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We had a cup like that and lost the valve. Never found a replacement and used it as is. Then a girlfriend told me about how much mold she'd discovered between the name and the cup. Go ahead, stick a q-tip down in there. Blech. And so ended the reign of the name cup in our house.
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Response by poster: Shush, I was hoping to ignore that.
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