Subaru or Volvo?
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Should we buy a Subaru or a Volvo? Outback or Forester / V50 or V70? Requirements: AWD, durability/dependability, fuel efficiency, safety, cargo space in that order.

We had pretty much decided that we are going to buy a used Subaru, and went to a dealership today to test drive one. (The 2005-2006 ones are in our price range -- we're hoping to spend around $14K). The dealer had a 2005 Volvo V70 AWD Cross Country on the lot, which we hadn't even known about / considered, so we test drove that one too and liked it, though it was a little big. Then I came home to research it and found out there's a smaller wagon that Volvo made, the V50, that sometimes came with AWD. They seem really rare though, I can't find one in the Portland metro area.

Would it be worth seeking one out? Or should we stick with a Subaru? And if so, which would be better for our needs: Outback or Forester?
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I have a Volvo V70 - non Xcountry - I adore it. It's big enough but not too big, easy to maintain, and safe. Fits me, the 2 kids, about 900 things from Ikea, and even once a slipper chair from Hickory Furniture Mart!

I've never owned a Subaru but have to put in the vote for the Volvo station wagon. (I got mine from Craigslist - if you have a good mechanic to do a good test before you buy you can get a fabulous deal on any car without paying dealership prices... just my two cents).
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I'm prejudiced. I'm on my 3rd Subaru. 2011 Outback. My aunt has a 2010 Forester. I can't speak for the 2006-06 ones. Interior wise, they're much the same. Little more cargo room with my Outback. Same engine.
You're gonna get a lot of this cause there are dedicated Volvo owners along with dedicated Subaru owners. We both like our cars.
Good Luck.
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JohnE's got it - I love my 2001 Subaru Forester. Be warned that the 2001+2002s have a known head gasket issue so if you're looking at one that old be on the watch for it. Non-issue in later years as far as I know. We camp, haul art, canoe, stuff with ours and have never gotten stuck in either deep snow or pretty rough off road stuff (lava field anyone?) Will definitely replace it with another. I like the greater height of the Forester than the Outback but have only test driven the Outback.
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We have a 2005 Forrester that I absolutely adore. She's a workhorse, fantastically reliable, I used it until recently as a daily commuting car (when I bought my second Subaru). We've done several major road trips in it without a problem, and really I suspect we'll drive it until it dies because we love it so much.

Last winter we had some record snowfalls and more than once I felt like we were the only safe car on the road, watching other cars spin and slide. I adore it for safety. The only caveat I would have for you is that we bought the turbo engine, and that may impact your fuel efficiency. As for cargo space, I can't tell you how much we've hauled in it. Large pieces of furniture, enough gear for four people to go to the beach for a week, you name it.
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My parents' 2006 Forrester gets ~10.6L per 100km in normal suburban driving.
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Best answer: I've had both. I'd go with a Honda CRV AWD.

Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and spend the $8 subscribing to Consumer Reports online Car database. It shows you the 10 year reliability history of all of these (and anecdotedly is SPOT ON with my experience).

Look at the Subaru and the Volvo. Look at how they get after 6ish years. Look at the Honda CRV--very different.

Trust an impartial source.
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I'm partial to the Forester.
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14k? Yer crazy. '07 Subaru Impreza hatchback. You'll spend 10k to 11k. All wheel drive, 2.5 liter engine so you'll get 20 to 26 mpg (vs. the outback which gets much less).
Subaru Impreza Hatchback. Look into it.
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I will add, however, that the Volvo will have a much tighter turning radius. If that's worth 7k to you than go for the Volvo. (I've driven both and will never buy anything other than a Subaru.)
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Ooooh, good luck with this decision! My wife drives a 2010 Forester and I drive a 1998 V70. Both are seemingly indestructable, both are a pleasure to drive, both average over 25mpg, both are great in bad weather and offroad (the Subaru has a little more clearance, but the Volvo held her own), and neither one of us would trade with the other.

One thing to note on the Foresters - if you're looking for the more-SUV-less-wagony version, they did a major redesign in 2009. If they hadn't done that, we would have gone with the Outback instead.
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Response by poster: All right, the CR reliability reports are pretty compelling. Though the CR-V looks huge to me, and I really hate large cars, I feel like I must look into that before making a decision. Looks like they get better mileage too.
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Best answer: Here is a web site, True Delta, of impartial repair and maintenance information gathered from actual car owners over time. I find their data pretty compelling.
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We've had Outbacks for ten years, as a data point. Mrs. M drives an '05 now with 75K. She loves it, and it's a nice car to drive. We've had very little major work done, none on the '05. (Cars less than ten years old are "new" in our household.)
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Definitely consider the CR-V. I have a 2005 and it is awesome. I've never had any issues with it at all, and it handles great in all weather. Lots of space, good gas mileage for the size. Good luck!
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I would reconsider the Volvo. My mother has a 2006 (a car, not SUV) and it has been nothing but a headache. One (costly) maintenance job after another. They used to be quality cars (at least safety-wise), but my once-favorable view of them has changed, probably irrevocably.
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I had a 2005 Volvo S60, purchased new, and will never buy a Volvo again. I had to have sensors replaced, the radiator replaced and the transmission replaced over the course of the 2 years that I had it.
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Just a point, my best friend bought an early 00's Volvo because of their supposed dependability. Over the last four years, he spent more than it cost him originally before he finally dumped it and bought a Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
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Oh, and I have a 2005 Forester that I absolutely adore. It's only got 50k miles on it and I've only had it since January but I fully intend to drive this car for another ten years. Speaking with other owners, this is a distinct possibility.
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Response by poster: OK, decided not to buy the Volvo. We test drove the CR-V yesterday and it does feel bigger, but I guess I could get used to it. Not only does it seem to get better reliability reports, but it's a bit more fuel-efficient. Now the challenge will be to see if we can find one in our price range; there are less of them on the lots than there are Subarus, and those Hondas really seem to hold their value, I guess unsurprisingly.

Tennyson D'San: I looked it up and I don't see what you're talking about. Retail for an '07 Impreza hatchback is $15K.
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Response by poster: Update: bought a 2008 Honda CR-V this morning. I'm confident I made the right choice. Thanks everybody!
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