ID/MT/WY cabin recommendations wanted.
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I am looking for wheelchair accessible lodges/cabins in Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho. Bonus points for being within an hour of a major airport, but not necessary.

Four of us non-campers, one of whom is in a wheelchair, are looking to spend a long weekend in a natural setting. We are not high maintenance people but we're not looking to rough it, either. Ideally we're interested in a private cabin type of setup with 2-3 bedrooms that is located within driving distance (<30 minutes) of some restaurants and preferably within an hour of a major airport.

The big requirement is that the cabin must be wheelchair accessible. If the entry has no stairs and the doors are wide enough (28"+) then that's fine. No need for a fully ADA compliant bathroom or anything.

If you've stayed somewhere you think might work out, don't hesitate to post it. I'm not against doing my own research regarding accessibility but would love some recommendations to start with.
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Well, we have
Sleeps Cabins (on the lake)
Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

You'll have to call them about accessibility but they are about 1 1/2 hour from Spokane Airport and there are many restaurants in nearby Sandpoint.
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