Slideshow in search of background music
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I have the pictures. I need the music. Help me find some cc or public domain music to accompany a photo montage.

I'm in charge of putting together a slideshow type deal for an Episcopal Ministries Retreat, and I am looking for your best suggestions for freely available public domain or Creative Commons licensed music to use in the background. The photos are mostly headshots of people in sessions and casual group photos of people conversing, plus some of kids rehearsing and being goofy.
  • It does NOT need to be religious music
  • It can be instrumental or have lyrics
  • It will be posted online, so it really does need to be something I can use freely
  • I know about browsing through the Internet Archive, but I am really looking for specific suggestions, because, of course, I am short on time.
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Kevin McLeod's Incompetech
posted by brentajones at 12:28 PM on July 16, 2011 might have exactly what you want in an easy to use package.
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Seconding Jamendo. Lots of good royalty-free stuff there.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Lots of good stuff out there. I discovered that since the last time I investigated the Internet Archive, someone has uploaded a lot of 78s, so I think I'm going with this and (because it will amuse my mother, the retreat planner) "Bringing in the Sheaves".
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