The man wore glasses.
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Suddenly many people on earth disappeared in a bright light. A man had to cross the country to get back home, searching for his daughter.

My wife can't remember the name of the online, cheaply computer animated series of short films she watched a year ago that is described above.

Also, the man meets people along the way, some friendly, some un. There were EMPs that happened regularly that disrupted electronics.

She also says it wasn't very good, but she is going crazy wondering how it all got resolved.
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Best answer: Ah, I wrote a magazine article for Creative Screenwriting back in 2008 about the series done by the same people right after that. That one was about synthetic humans who had gotten loose from a government project and were hiding out and trying to pass as normal while evil agents tracked them down. And they mentioned the previous show, which sounded exactly like that, and if I could find a copy of my article I would know the answer, and I've got it around here somewhere, and it is...

Damn it...

Okay, the synthetic people show was called Gemini Division, with Rosario Dawson...

And the one they did before that was called...

Yes! Afterworld! By Electric Farm Entertainment. Not sure if it's still available, though it was apparently turned into 13 broadcast episodes and aired in Australia. Its website is now dead, but that's got to be what she's talking about.
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Response by poster: That's it! My wife thanks you profusely.
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