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What is this dark, synth/EBM goth club song?

This song has been haunting me for years and I just can't seem to find it. I have heard it at several goth-type clubs, so it must be somewhat popular. It has female vocals interspersed with deep, distorted male vocals. I can't recall the lyrics but they may be partially in German. At one point the male voice says something like "it make my heart arise." There is also a classical acoustic guitar (?) and a long, low fuzzy synth note that plays continuously underneath. At one point the beat and the synth cut out entirely and the classical guitar plays a few notes by itself. The song is not an upbeat dance song, but there is a definite heavy beat.

I thought it might be The Cruxshadows but the fuzzy noise and the male voice sound much more like Wumpscut in a sort of romantic phase. I've been searching for the past three days because it's been stuck in my head.

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Closest I could find was die form - fossilized light which has the line "my heart arise" and a heavy beat, but it's not in german and there's no guitar. Could it have been a remix of some kind?
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Here's some threads on with suggestions for other EBM/synth bands with female vocals, 1 | 2 | 3. Here is a list of wumpscut songs w/ female vocals. I think he did a new album recently so it's probably doesn't include all songs.

And there's a database of goth/industrial/etc lyrics here.
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Best answer: wumpscut - Thorns

there is a version with male and female vocals in it, but I can't find it right now
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Best answer: ah, here it is
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Hmm, romantic synth/EBM, female vocals, male vocals sounding a bit like :wumpscut:'s Rudy, german lyrics. Could be L'Âme Immortelle?
I have no idea what song you may be looking for, but see this (skip to 4:20 for both voices), maybe you'll recognize the sound. Many of their songs are in german.
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Response by poster: Yes! It's Thorns! Thank you!
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yay! finally all that time I spent writhing around in dingy nightclubs has paid off!
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Hah, I think I just found my people!
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