Another long-shot song question
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Please help me find a song with very little details

In around 2004-2006 I used to listen to live365's various radio stations. There was one station that had a station-intro-piece-thingy-snippet-of-song that I absolutely loved. The song was a dark, orchestral piece that was brooding and dramatic and it was slowly repeating crescendo (if I remember correctly). The station itself was a dark-ambient station with soundscapes and long-form songs. I used to listen to the DarkSparkle station and it was a station that would frequently show up in the same category as DarkSparkle when searching for particular artists. Even at the time, I could find nothing about the intro piece when looking at the website for the station. Now I don't remember the station at all, if it even still exists. Searching Live365 today doesn't tickle any memories.

The snippet went something like this....dun (raising pitch) dun, DUN DUN DUN DUNNN (up and down in pitch), dun dun dunnnnn...dun dun, DUN DUN DUN DUN, dun dun dunnnnnn

I've been searching for years. Anyone have any clues? I know this is basically nothing to go off of.
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I can't read that and hear it in my head. Can you hum it into a microphone and let us hear what you mean?
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Could you record yourself singing or humming those duns?

Alternatively, if anyone manages to identify the tune from the duns, this is so going in the sidebar.
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Yeah. Like aubilenon said.
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Response by poster: Jinx! I'm at work now, when I get home I'll upload something.
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I will go out on a limb and suggest the Requiem for a Dream song. (Start at around 50 seconds in). As it is essentially nothing BUT a slowly repeating crescendo with alternating up/down pitches.
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Seriously, these dun DUN's don't read like the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey (Thus Spake Zarathusthra) to anyone else?
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Response by poster: I'm home, and here's a vocaroo link:

I know for sure it's not the Requiem for a Dream song, nor any of the pieces from 2001. Just imagine my "dos" something similar to Avalon - Sigur Ros, but more epic and orchestral.

Sorry about the duns, I always forget how hard they are to interpret without already knowing the melody.
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I *think* it's one of Howard Shore's LotR motifs. Here's a short bit of it, at the very beginning of "A Storm Is Coming". I don't have time to search out something with a longer bit right now (running out the door)... but if no-one else finds one, and it sounds in the right direction to you, I'll look again tomnorrow
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tomorrow, even. :)
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Well, my CD is MIA, but I can try looking online for more... But before I do (time consuming) did my suggestion sound in the ballpark to you, lizjohn?
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hi lizjohn. i used to listen to a lot of dark ambient in those days, although i live in australia and don't know the station. Can you describe the sounds more? Was there a drum/beat sound, or was the rhythm formed by bass synth sounds? Were there any recorded samples interspersed?

If you haven't given up searching:

Shinjuku Theif - Witch Trilogy (something like this)

If I'm on the right track, let me know.
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