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Our environmental non-profit in Portland, Oregon receives a small portion of its revenue from recurring (monthly) contributions drawn via direct deposit. Recently, the bank we used to administer this account was acquired by another institution and started charging over a hundred bucks per month just to keep the account open. We shut the account down but are still looking for a reasonable alternative. If at all possible we'd like to avoid paying high administrative costs for the service and processing payments manually (since we'd most likely have to keep donors' account numbers in the office). I'm open to new ideas, and thanks in advance!
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I don't have a specific recommendation, but Credit Unions are almost always better than banks. There should be at least one that would be happy to have your business.
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Perhaps take a look at Dwolla.
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What do you use as your donor database and your financial software? I can probably make some specific recommendations.
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Is your non-profit incorporated? Would you be willing to switch to credit/debit card billing? You could use Intuit's GoPayment. Their system allows automatic recurring billing to cards. The tax-exempt I help run uses it. Funds from card charges are deposited in an average of three days. If you do less than $1,000 per month in charges, it's inexpensive.

Other than this, no association with GoPayment.
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We just solved this problem. Memail me.
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