How to resize a Windows 7 window to access bottom buttons
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How do I access the bottom buttons of the RAW image editor in Photoshop Elements? The window is too wide, and can't be resized to fit my screen in Windows 7.

I am super frustrated and probably doing something stupid, but the window for the Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 RAW editor just refuses to become smaller when I drag the dimensions of it to adjust it. I am using Windows 7, by the way. As a result, I can't click the very bottom row of buttons that say "Done" "Cancel" and "Open Image" on the far right, and "Help" and "Save Image" and "Depth" towards the left. I tried moving the window up to get that row within the main screen, and even moved my windows taskbar to the right orientation instead of at the bottom. The windows just jumps back down to hide the buttons when I release my cursor! How can I access those bottom buttons?

Screenshot of what I see and can access with my cursor. Here's a screenshot of the second view, when I'm dragging the top of the window with my cursor to show the bottom buttons that are inaccessible.
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Try double clicking on the top part of the window to maximize it.
You can also try the WinKey+UpKey.
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To be clear, this is a dialog, not a full-fledged window, correct? (I wouldn't expect pyro979's suggestion to work on a dialog, but I would be pleasantly surprised if it did)

Is the height of the dialog being forced to be too tall be the "basic" side-pane at right? Can you collapse that and see if the window shrinks, or becomes more responsive?
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Best answer: The program probably requires a minimum vertical resolution of 768 pixels, which isn't that uncommon (though it's a little shortsighted).

Try right-clicking the titlebar and choosing "move" - then use the cursor keys to push the dialog box above the top of the screen.
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Also - are you running this on a 720p HDTV? If so, the TV might also accept a resolution of 1920x1080, which it will then scale down to 720p. This will look pretty bad but should allow you to get to those buttons.
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Response by poster: Pyro, I've tried that!

Misterbrandt, I can't do anything to that toolbar along the side pane.

Lamplighter, a menu isn't available from which to choose move. Should I run the program on a TV? I'm running it on a Toshiba laptop currently.
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Does hitting Tab repeatedly eventually get you to those bottom buttons?
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Response by poster: Changing the display resolution to 768 pixels vertically fixed it. Thank all!
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