Food + fun in Bemidji, MN?
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Heading to Bemidji this weekend for a wedding. Looking for vegetarian-friendly restaurants, places with good beer on tap, interesting landmarks/outdoor areas (I already know about Paul Bunyan). Any ideas?
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Used to live north of there. It's been years so I'm a bit out of touch, but here are a few ideas.

The Lost Forty nature area, which was accidentally platted as a lake so never logged, is about an hour north:

Closer to Bemidji, the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca State Park is a tourist must see, but unfortunately probably not accessible due to the state government shutdown.

I haven't been, but hear Brigid's Irish Pub downtown has a nice beer selection*, and their menu online has a few vegetarian options:

* by Bemidji standards that is: nothing like the Happy Gnome in St. Paul!
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Whoops, guess I'm link impaired:
Lost Forty
Brigid's Irish Pub
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Seconding Brigid's Cross -- it's great. I was just there last weekend, and have been several times. A good variety of English and Irish beer, and they just recently added some microbrews from nearby Walker, MN. And there is a second Irish pub across the street from it, though I confess I've never actually been in that one. "Downtown" Bemidji has a few antique stores if that's your thing, and there's a coffee shop -- The Cabin, I think it's called -- that has some vegetarian options. (It may even offer vegan options, though I can't find their menu online and it's been a while since I was there.)

And Itasca is a really nice park, though yes, it's closed because of the state shutdown. Walker is about 40 miles away from Bemidji, but is a nice little town with some local artists and craftspeople, and the drive takes you through a lot of forest.
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Thanks everyone! Brigid's looks like a great choice!
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