A series of blog posts about a book predicting future gadgets...
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Does anyone remember a blog that went through and commented on a book published in the early 90s about the future of personal gizmos? Each section of the book featured a handheld gadget that was "coming soon," and each blog entry looked into what happened to it and why it did or didn't take off in the two decades since the book was published.

The only things I remember about it is that the blog wasn't dedicated to this subject, it was just a long series of posts. It would have been around 2007 that these posts ran, and I believe it finished up around Christmas of that year.

I want to say it was linked on either MeFi or Kottke, but searching for "future blog book" obviously pulls up nothing.
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Response by poster: Of course, after a week of looking, as soon as I burn my weekly AskMe on it, I find it hidden in the outbox of a short-lived email account:

The "Future Stuff" series on Crummy.com
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