I'll translate all the internets, you'll see!
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Show me websites, freeware or other stuff that needs free translation, the more convenient the better.

I had a blast translating Anki into my native language over at Launchpad. AFAIK, they have the best free translation system out there. I want more.

Specifically, it'd be great if the website or software in question had an automated translation service like Launchpad does (or, for example, Google in your Language).

On a sidenote, it'd be great if someone pointed me to an offline application that makes translation convenient as well.
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Best answer: There are lots of open source projects that need translators. Transifex is some kind of platform that facilitates this. Also check out SourceForge.net and GitHub and see if you can't find a project in need of a translator.
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Response by poster: Thanks! This is pretty much the stuff I'm looking for. I'd prefer it if anyone would point me towards widely-used websites or programs that need translation though. Basically, the time I put into translating should be equal or less than the time people would use the program or website in that language. :p
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Transifex has a list of featured projects, pretty much any of those is going to have millions of users.
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Best answer: The Translation Project is a central clearinghouse for translation of most of the GNU projects. Note that these are translations of gettext message catalogs (.po files), not manuals. For example: the Slovenian .po file for bash is currently only at 232 out of 547 complete, so it could use some work.
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Best answer: Langwich
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I'm not sure I'm getting this but, uh, Wikipedia?
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