Help me plan a trip to Colombia--especially tips on trekking El Cocuy
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I want to hike in El Cocuy, Colombia next month, but I need to figure out some details. Have you been there? Can you help?

A friend from school and I will be traveling to Colombia in August for 11 days ( both men, mid-late 20s). I have a good friend who is a native Bogotano, so I think we're set while we're there, but I would definitely welcome tips or suggestions.

We're most interested in doing around 4 days of trekking in El Cocuy but we're not sure if we should do it with a guide or without. Actually, we assumed that we would, but we're having trouble finding something that's affordable. The one professional guide company quoted us $638 for 4 days.

Any Mefites spent time in Colombia? Trekked in El Cocuy?

I am really getting excited for this adventure, so I'd be interested in anything you had to share.
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Colombia is a great place! Always make sure that the place is safe (No FARC etc.)

Hiking at high attitudes wears you out right fast. Make sure to bring the right equipment (tracking shoes, compass etc.!). I once got terribly lost with a group of random travelers on a hiking trip in Colombia near Armenia when we took a wrong turn. We run low on water and the track became very very wild (to cross rivers you had to walk over trees unsecured, you could have fallen easily 5 m down...). One girl was walking in flip-flops!

Hence, make sure you don't get lost and have enough water and good equipment.

Candelaria in Bogota is very nice and has some Hostels. Little bit rough at night but I never heard about any problems.

Not sure about the price of your guide. I once rented a guide and two horses in San Augustin for a day. This was 70 US Dollar and lots of fun. Enjoy your time there. I envy you already.
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