Like boot camp, but drunker
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I am looking for a combo fitness retreat/all inclusive resort. Does such a thing exist?

This should be pretty self explanatory. It's fairly easy to find health/bootcamp/yoga retreats, but everything has a diet aspect to it, and definitely no swim up bars!

All inclusive isn't mandatory but the classes definitely need to be on site, and not costing $15/ea. Paying for food and booze would be fine.

Anything within a 4-6 hour flight of NYC would work, but the closer and cheaper the better.
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Our stay at Miraval was a lot like what you describe: mornings doing active hikes/mountain bikes/ropes courses/yoga; afternoons getting spa services; ungodly delicious food included, lovely pools and bars (though I think no bars in pools). Spendy, and about 3.5hr flight from Newark.
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