Stuck in Phoenix, seeking pool..
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Travel-snafu-filter... I'm going to be in Phoenix, AZ for about 5 hours between flights today - is there a good place to hang out near the airport? In the best of all possible worlds it would involve an outdoor pool and some drinks :)
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For God's sake, don't go outside! Are you crazy? You will immediately catch on fire!

Really, though, Sky Harbor's not super convenient to anything very cool. I think the best thing that I could recommend would be taking a cab down to Mill Avenue in Tempe and hanging out in one of the many mister-cooled outdoor bars. Watch the pretty boys and girls go by. A cab from Sky Harbor to Mill will probably be on the order of $15-20; alternatively you could take the Silver Metro shuttle from the airport to the Light Rail, and take the Light Rail east towards Tempe/Mesa, and get off at the Mill Ave stop. That'll run you $2.75, but will take about forty minutes total time (incl shuttle and train).

Sky Harbor itself is not bad, for an airport, depending on what terminal you are in. Terminal 4 is the big one, and outside the security area is a rather pleasant mall with art installations and reasonable food. I mean, it's still an airport, but if I had to hang out in an airport for five hours I'd prefer it over most. (I'm looking at you, Las Vegas, you miserable excuse for a transportation hub.)
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Pool + bar = hotel, yes?

There are a ton of hotels with pools within a reasonable distance of the airport. But you'll have to book a room or try to sneak in.

Though I do remember as kid that some of the bigger resorts (which are dead in the summer) would sell day-passes to use the hotel pool. Try the Arizona Biltmore. Maybe try the Clarendon too--I believe theyy have a swanky pool and have hosted pool parties at night.
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Best answer: Whoops, I screw up the Clarendon link. And actually, I found this review suggesting that the Clarendon does indeed offer a day pass for the pool.
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Response by poster: Well, the Biltmore's website keeps crashing on my phone so the Clarendon it is! Anyone want to join me for a midday drink? My flight lands at 2:15 and i don't take off til 8:15...
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I am sorry I am late to see this question, but I am glad you got good advice. For future googlers, the Clarendon has in it's lobby the best local-oriented Mexican food restaurant in the valley: Gallo Blanco. Street tacos, a totally awesome pool, and a bar? What more could you want from 5 hours in Phx in the middle of summer? I live here and that is pretty high on my list of great ways to spend an afternoon.
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