Crowdsourcing design work for a film poster?
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I'm needing some film poster design work done; does anyone have suggestions for crowdsourcing? I used to see ads for a service where you paid a flat fee and got a large number of submissions from various designers (maybe $250 for 100 submissions or something?), then could purchase one of the designs for another amount. Does anyone else remember seeing that service advertise on Facebook? I can't find it now.
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Are you looking for Crowdspring (currently down, so here's the cache)? To help your search, I believe this is called spec work.
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Dern it! problems with spec work.
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I think a better solution would be to find a local designer who's willing to do the work in exchange for public acknowledgement. Considering the project (film poster), I'm sure you could find a designer who'd work for free, just to have his name attached. The bonus is you'll get someone who truly cares about the design.
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Mod note: few comments removed - do not turn this into a fight about spec work. OP Is not anon, you may email them.
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I've used 99 designs before (because I've yet to find a reliable designer) and it was OK but I found that unless you're offering quite a lot over the minimum you're not going to get a lot of takers - if you look at some of the projects up, even though they look like they've got a lot of entries, its really just the same 2 or 3 designers tweaking the same design over and over - the highest number of submissions I saw was 73 but that was just from 5 designers, in total there were less than 10 distinctly different designs. I suspect most services like this will be similar.
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You can get it done at Worth1000. It looks geared towards logos, but they do other things too (I see there's a brochure design contest up now).
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