Need a Y-3CF 98040 shimano freewheel replacement
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I need to buy a replacement freewheel body, but I can't find anywhere that stocks it online. Other than calling around to every local bike store in the Bay Area, where could I find one?

The model number is a Y-3CF 98040, as a part of an FH-RM60 rear hub assembly. This post on has the exact same problem as we do: my girlfriend's 2007 Trek's rear hub doesn't seem to be compatible with anything else. I've Googled and checked out various online stores but can't seem to find anything more than a bunch of "out of stock" pages for the entire FH-RM60 assembly (which I don't want to buy unless it's unavoidable).
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I also neglected to mention that I attempted to pull the freewheel body apart to fix it but was unable to :(
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Your best bet is probably to check out anywhere that has used bike parts. It'd be relatively unheard of for a new-bike retailer to have random old Shimano spares on-hand, especially for stuff that appears to have been as of recently only sold through the OEM builder market and in Europe, if Google is any indication.

It looks like this has been branded as the Acera and Atlus 8-speed hubs. I've certainly come across a few likely contenders at Recycled Cycles here in Seattle; I'm sure there are similar shops in the Bay Area. Typically this'd be in the $5 hubs bin. If you really have no luck I can take a look and see if I can find one to mail you.
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It might be easier to just bite the bullet and get a new wheel, if the freehub body really is that non standard, and seemingly given to the odd failing.
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FWIW, I've taken apart a few freehubs that look similar to the one you have, and usually what needs to be done is remove the nuts, cones, bearings and axle. Then use a large hex wrench in the body fixing bolt (part number 14 of the diagram). I think it was a 10mm or 12mm hex wrench. Unscrew that part and the freehub body can be removed.

The actual freehub body probably isn't worth the effort of trying to fix.
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To be clear: the entire assembly is apart and the freehub body is the only piece that's broken. It won't move at all.

We're trying to do this as cheaply as possible so we can sell the bike. In its current condition it's obviously unsalable.
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Try Boxdog Bikes and the Bike Kitchen, they might have something used.
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