What all inclusive resorts are there on the Pacific Coast?
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All Inclusive Tropical Resorts on the Pacific Coast

My wife and I spent our honeymoon back in 2006 at Sandals in Jamaica. It was our best vacation ever! We flew from Chicago, the flight wasn't too long, the resort was amazing, nice and private, all drinks and meals were included. They had excursions that you could purchase (swim with the dolphins, shopping in town, etc) that was all set up through the resort and otherwise we didn't have to worry about anything.

Now we want to go somewhere tropical like that again but we live in Portland, OR. The flights to get to Jamaica are ridiculous with 12+ hours worth of flying with multiple stops. We really want a similar experience we know we'd have with Sandals, but something that isn't so far away would be ideal.

Anything like that on this side of the continent? Anything in Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, etc?

Any suggestions you have would be great!!!
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Just so you know, you're not getting from Portland to Australia in under 20 hours.
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I believe Club Med has some clubs on the West Coast.
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There are lots of places in Mexico that cater to west coast tourists. Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta are the most likely ones that come to mind. These will certainly offer something similar to your experience in Jamaica. So will Hawaii, for sure, and you may have a better chance of getting a direct flight (at least if you fly into Honolulu). Hawaii is just under 6 hours direct from Portland, and the distance to the Mexican cities seems to be roughly comparable. I'm sure a travel agent could help you get the vacation you want.
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I don't know anything about all-inclusive resorts, but I have coworkers who've been happy with vacations like that they took in Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. If you get a flight with one stop (probably in Phoenix), that's only 6 or 7 hours.
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love puerto vallarta, but have never stayed at an all inclusive there. there are lots to choose from though and the area is beautiful. as long as you go to a higher rated all inclusive, it will be a similar experience. awesome jungle meets beach atmosphere. Most of the all inclusives are a little ways out of town, but there are some really nice ones.

speaking as someone who just got back from mexico and had a great experience in mazatlan a few years ago- i would avoid that area at this time. i am not an overly cautious person, but there are lots of places to go in mexico that aren't experiencing the problems that areas like mazatlan and acapulco are right now.

Cabo is lots of fun but Cabo San lucas in particular is not much different that being in the states. There is a new all inclusive in San Jose del Cabo that looks great - it is a Barcelo. I don't know what your budget is but it looks great. San Jose has a little bit of a more local feel. Still pretty touristy but a little different atmosphere that Cabo San lucus.

I wouldn't rule out Cancun and the area south called Riviera Maya. THere are a bajillion flights into Cancun and the flights won't be as complicated as Jamaica. Tons of great resorts and you can pick as high end or budget as you want. www.playa.info and www.locogringo.com for recommendations.
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I don't know if you're into the whole Living Social thing but they recently started advertising vacation packages. (Disclaimer: I have no experience with either buying packages from LS or all-inclusive vacations.)
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