Affordable and romantic getaway near Asheville, NC?
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A romantic and affordable place to stay in or around the Asheville, NC area?

Hoping to find a place for a couple of nights for either next week/weekend or the following week/weekend. Plans have been made for activities during the day around the area (white water rafting, horseback riding, strolling around Asheville), would love it if we could also score a great place to come back to, like with a really great swimming pool, hot tub or something of that nature. We're not campers, so definitely looking for a hotel or inn.

And, of course, trying to keep from having to give up any limbs for the payment of such place (if such a place exists!)

Thank you in advance for any tips!
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Geez, what isn't a romantic, affordable place to stay around Asheville? They've got more B&Bs than you can shake a stick at, and even though it's an increasingly touristy area, it's still pretty cheap.

Here's a link to the Asheville Bed and Breakfast Association. Knock yourself out.
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We recently stayed at Cumberland Falls and had a great experience. Beautiful place, nice folks, great food. Also, it is a one-block walk to the amazing Nine Mile, a restaurant that you really should go out of your way to try.
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Affordable is a relative thing, but summer is the tourist season so prices are up and availability goes fast. Be aware that communities which look close by on the map can be an hour drive to Asheville due to small winding roads.
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We just stayed in the Holiday Inn right in Asheville. It wasn't cozy or quaint or anything, but it was nice and clean, had a good view of the hills (over another motel), and has a pool that's open until 10 (we didn't get to try the latter because we stayed out too late drinking at the excellent Asheville Brewing and Pizza).
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A few years back, Mrs. mmascolino and I stayed at the Asheville Green Cottage. We had the house to ourselves and we enjoyed it (so long as you can deal with a vegetarian breakfast).
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Grove park inn?
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Affordable is a relative thing, but I can heartily recommend Hill House B&B. Comes equipped with extremely cute dog.
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