East Coast Hockey Superstore?
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Can anyone recommend an (ice) hockey superstore on the east coast of the states?

I'm traveling to the states next week from Australia want to take advantage of the great exchange rate by getting a whole new set of hockey gear. I know many online shops have great ranges, but I want to actually go in and try stuff on. If anyone can recommend a shop with a huge range in-store, it would be most appreciated! I am willing to drive up to 2 hours each way from Nassau County, Long Island.
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Best answer: Hockey Haus in Bound Brook, New Jersey would be roughly an hour and a half's drive, one-way.
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Best answer: I'm not sure about a "superstore", but I can direct you to a few hockey shops.

Play it again sports - They carry both new and used sporting goods, and they have a lot of hockey gear (it's their best seller.)

Play it again sports - other location

Amity Harbor sports - Nice shop, pleasant staff

Gerry Cosby Westbury - Don't confuse this one with the one near Madison Square Garden. Here, they actually have a decent stock of gear.

Dante Cozzi is in the Newbridge rink. Call them at 516-783-0215 to make sure of their hours during the summer, or to see if you need to go to their other location, since the rink is closed for the season. http://www.cozzisports.com/dcsports_002.htm

If you're going to be in Manhattan doing the sightseeing thing, then you can go to either Paragon sports on 19th and Broadway, or the pro shop at Chelsea Piers (23rd street, west past 11th avenue). Both have relatively small selections, and probably higher prices than the other stores I've listed.

There was a good one somewhere out in Centereach, but I can't find any trace of it on the interwebs. I guess maybe they closed up shop.

Hope this helps.
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