Traveling in Sarajevo
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My partner will be in Sarajevo for three weeks. He needs some info.

He's doing some consulting for the US and Bosnian Treasury Departments, and they've made him a reservation in the Hotel Europa, which is, apparently, here. He's cheap enough that he wants to find a place to do his own laundry, but he'll happily spend his entire daily allowance on a good restaurant, and he'd like information about both. He speaks German and Italian fluently, if that helps. (There is no need to tell him any information about the hot gay spots. He's not especially Web savvy, and I have no intention of passing that info along to him, and he's probably already checked the Spartacus guide, anyway.)

He'll have weekends free, so safe and easy day or overnight trips with reliable transportation would also be helpful
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Sarajevo's pretty small. I passed through five years ago and the food was good everywhere I ate. A lot of people spoke some German. Between there and Zvornik there are, or were, countless Bosnian and Serb villages that had been completely rubbled during the war. It's a pretty sad drive on narrow roads through very green hills.
In Sarajevo there was a tour led by two former battalion commanders, one from each side. They'd walk back over the battlefield and discuss the ins and outs of the fighting.
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I spent some time in Sarajevo in 1997, and I'll echo atchafalaya's comments. It's a relatively small, wonderful, friendly city. I can't give any specific recommendations, but think that your friend should and will have a wonderful time.
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