albums like Mechanical Animals
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albums like ‘Mechanical Animals’ from Marilyn Manson? I don’t really know how to describe what I’m looking for precisely but there metal rock elements tied in with a lot of catchiness almost grooving. Everyone says ‘glam!’ but what in particular? I tried the Ziggie Stardust album sometime back but couldn’t get into how (comparatively) stripped down the sound was, maybe I should try again. Other stuff?
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Best answer: I would say "industrial" not glam. Maybe more like Nine Inch Nails maybe.
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Best answer: T-Rex
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Response by poster: interesting, I do like that Children of the Revolution song. NIN is a close pick, Reznor even had a personal affiliation with Manson at some point and I've heard a fair amount of stuff from them but never 'closely' in the sense of having whole NIN albums in rotation... they clearly have enough 'there' to sustain a manic fan ecosystem so there's probably a lot to look into.
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Best answer: Goldfrapp. Specifically Black Cherry and Supernature.
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Best answer: More on the electronic and less on the metal side:


White Zombie


The Presets
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Best answer: I think you might like Wired All Wrong, which was a collaboration between Self's Matt Mahaffey & God Lives Underwater's Jeff Turzo.
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Best answer: Maybe the first two Garbage albums?
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Response by poster: thanks for the suggestions so far. White Zombie is pretty close! Rob Zombie always seemed far too 'heavy' for me to get into, but interestingly their current guitarist is John 5 who was a major contributor to some of Manson's work (I just looked on wikipedia and it looks like he got Manson's ex-drummer too).

Goldfrapp seems interesting too, though in a lighter electro way

yellowbinder: love Garbage :)
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Best answer: Prick.
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Best answer: Jane's Addiction, a danceable heavyosity, specifically 'Nothing's Shocking' and 'Ritual de lo Habitual'.
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Response by poster: that Prick - Animal song is great! I'm enjoying this thread it's pretty useful cause I'm clueless about most of these bands
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Best answer: Zeromancer. Start from the older albums, eg. Clone Your Lover.

Some early 16 Volt, through the Letdowncrush album or so. Try A Cloth Like Gauze. Later on, they're pretty full-on metal.

You might also check out Pig's stuff, eg. Rope, No One Gets Out of Her Alive [sic].

If you check out Collide(seconded), scan across several albums. They started out pretty straight electronic, but later on turned into a weird sort of electro-goth lounge act; it shouldn't have worked, but it did.
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Best answer: Slick Idiot is a KMFDM spinoff with extra glam and funk
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Best answer: Oh man, if you can track down a copy of the Wax Trax black box, you will be in heaven.
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Best answer: Check out some of the newer Satyricon lp's. Anything from Rebel Extravaganza up will do.
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Best answer: Maybe a little too crunchy/poppy, but Powerman 5000? I remember enjoying their stuff from a bit later than Mechanical Animals in somewhat the same way.
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ooh the wax trax black box does look good - and it reminds me, you may also want to check out My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
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Best answer: In terms of glam, it's more slowed-down stomp than anything else, so I'd recommend The Sweet and Gary Glitter. The trouble with glam acts, though, is their propensity to boogie, which is not what you're looking for.

In terms of Manson's contemporaries, there's always Rammstein and nu-metal stuff like Korn.
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Response by poster: yeah now I understand what people mean about Glam on Mechanical Animals isn't like "this is neo-glam" but "this is Manson gone Glam" i.e. it's still more industrial than anything else but he adopted Bowie-esque elements on the album, especially with the gender bending and "I'm an Alien" type thing so it may be about the content more than anything else.
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