TORMENTED by beer stinkies. For decades.
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A ridiculous question: I went to Haverford College (outside of Philly), and a pizza place nearby in Villanova (Connestoga? Campus Corner? I don't know) had an awful cartoon poster of zany college life, and for some reason I've always wanted to get a closer look. The only thing I remember is some hapless partier sitting on the toilet the next morning with the phrase "beer stinkies" hovering above him.

I don't have anything else to go on other than "beer stinkies," I'm afraid. The poster was up in the mid-1990s, and may well be long since gone--but if you remember anything else about it, maybe it can be found on Google. Or, if that's your local pizza place, and it's still up, could you take a high-rez picture? I'd be forever in your debt. I didn't have a car or a bike, and there was a pizza place on Haverford's campus, so I rarely went to that pizza shop. I'm still thinking about this close to 20 years later.

This is anonymous because I don't have any link to my education history anywhere else online, and I'm sure as hell not going to start identifying myself with a question about "beer stinkies," for goodness's sake.
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Memail me and I will check it out the next time I am over there.
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I remember seeing that very same poster -- in someone's dorm room in New York, though, so it may not have been unique to that particular college or area.

Anon: confirm this, but I think it was meant to look like a huge cross-section of a dorm, with dozens of little cartoon scenes going on in each of the "rooms". I remember the "beer stinkies" joke going on in a couple different places -- one with the guy on the toilet, and another one withone guy apologizing for "beer stinkies" to another guy next to him holding his nose and exclaiming "rank!"

Throwing that additional detail out in case it helps someone track it down (and also to suggest it may not have been unique to that area).
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I've also seen this as a cross-section of a dorm/frat house
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Yeah, this was one of the posters you'd see at the poster rack at the back of Spencer's or other mall gift stores in the mid-90s. I'm also in the Philly suburbs, though not the mainline. I'll see what I can come up with!
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HC '94, me. I don't remember it from Conestoga during my years. I do remember their having a nigh un-tiltable Maverick pinball game and excellent white pizza. Much more consistent than Skeeters. A vague sense of obligation to Fords in need led me to search for your poster from a lot of different angles, but I've come up empty every time. If it exists online, it's either very poorly tagged or I suck much harder than I knew.
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