Room in Stockholm
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My girl -friend needs to find a room/sublease in Stockholm.

Yeh, thats it. A room in Stockholm. She is from the US, now in Stockholm and will soon start University post-grad studies.

Any help, ideas, tips are appreciated. (I know it is a long shot)

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Craigslist Stockholm?
posted by sweetkid at 2:58 PM on July 12, 2011

Which university? Finding an apartment in Stockholm can be very challenging. However, the unversity oftens helps exchange students finding something.

Not many people use Craigslist over here. You want to check Blocket.

Mefi Mail me if you got any questions.
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Oh, I forgot Couchsurfing. Don't know if it's usual for finding a sublease but it doesn't hurt checking it out.
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More exactly you should check out this Blocket category.
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