Two couples are looking to for a weekend getaway in New England. Suggestions?
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Two couples are looking to for a weekend getaway in New England. Suggestions?

Ah, a weekend away and sort of in the wilderness! Looking for places to go (either town names or specific venues) and a description of the touristy/outdoorsy things to do there. Lake George is on our list, but it may be too crowded for us.
  • We are all between the ages of 25 and 30.
  • We want to be within a 3 hour drive of Albany, NY.
  • We want to do things outside (which could include camping or staying in a cabin).
  • More specifically we want to do things on the water, like rafting or canoeing though we don't have the equipment.
  • We probably want to limit the lodging costs to ~$80/person for the whole weekend.
  • We don't hunt or fish, and we probably wouldn't enjoy a hike that's more than 3 hours.
  • optional: we will think things like hand-churned ice cream and covered bridges are cute
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Rent a farmhouse in the Hanover, NH area (maybe a little big for your needs but you get the idea). Take out a canoe from Ledyard Canoe Club. Check out the covered bridges nearby.
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Most of the hikes are longer, but you could probably find some in the 3 hour range in the 4k footer club in NH. I was staying in Boston over Memorial Day and took a day trip up that way. Beautiful area and a ton of choices for different trails.
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My friend's cabin on Lake Champlain in Vermont meets most of your requirements (might be a little over your target price range). Comes with a rowboat and kayak for venturing out on the lake. I've stayed there and can vouch for its picturesque-ness, the surrounding towns are cute and quaint, and Burlington nearby is very fun. Mt Philo is close and it's a short, easy hike for some nice views of the area.
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Berkshire County, MA and Litchfield County, CT.
Your lodging budget will likely not allow you to stay in an Inn or B&B.

Campgrounds in Litchfield County, CT ; in Berkshire County, MA.

Canoeing and kayaking on the Housatonic River which runs through Berkshire and Litchfield counties. Example rental purveyor -- Clarke Outdoors.

The covered bridges on the Housatonic.

Hiking the Appalachian trail: Connecticut through Massachusetts (Litchfield and Berkshire Counties).

Consider taking in a concert at Tanglewood (Lenox, MA) -- picnicking on the lawn. How about a visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum (Stockbridge, MA)?

Check out the Litchfield County Times and the Berkshire Eagle for other happenings, events, fairs and festivals for the weekend you intend to visit.
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This is all great! Thank you!
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P.S. We had a great time in Litchfield County. We even drove over a covered bridge on our way to a day of canoeing on the Housatonic. Plus we boiled lobster over a fire!
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