Hands-free reading at the gym?
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What iPhone apps will let me read hands-free during my workout?

I'd like an iPhone app or apps which will scroll text for me to read while I'm on an exercise Nike or treadmill. The text can be almost anything: twitter feed, RSS, any news source, ebooks...whatever. I just want to have words scrolling on their own without me having to use my hands.

I know about Instapaper's tilt-scroll feature but I don't think that will work for me as it's sensitive to a specific angle; I just want to toss it on the machine I'm on and let it go.
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I guess the issue is how do you make it scroll to your speed of reading? What if you need to re-read a section?

Maybe it could have a tap-tempo feature or some kind of "stop" bar?

I think an audio book would be better?
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Response by poster: Nope, the ear phones never work for me; I sweat like...well, a lot. It's ok if I miss something (that's why I was thinking scrolling twitter feed; I don't care if I read each one). I just want words. Adjustable speed would be a nice extra feature, I guess.
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Googling suggests Tomes and TEXTPlayer as options, but reviews on both are mixed in the Australian app store.
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Try audible.com app and waterproof h2O headphones. Works great.
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Instapaper scrolls automatically, the speed depends on the angle of the iPhone.
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... And this is why I should read the question properly!!
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Best answer: Trickle is a Twitter app that does exactly what you're looking for. They make one for Facebook too, I think. (I got it when it was free and haven't figured out what to use it for yet - your idea is great!)
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Response by poster: Yay to, Ella Wren for reading the whole question and not insisting I use headphones! :)
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When I had the eReader app for my Palm, it could be set to scroll and the scroll speed was adjustable. I have it on my iPod Touch and lemme check... yep, click on the downward arrow in the menu at the bottom and it'll scroll.
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