Please Make LibreOffice Spell Check Work
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How can I make the LibreOffice spell check work?

After using OpenOffice for some time I've just installed LibreOffice instead. Everything works fine - except the spell checker. I've set UK English on Tools-Options-Language Settings-Languages but any attempt to spell check merely informs me that a check has been carried it - and found nothing. When I click the ABC box to run the spell check the dialogue box has a blank space for 'Text Language' but it's impossible to access this behind the "spell check is complete" box in front of it. Looking on the forums it seems this is a common problem, but advice there is usually to download another dictionary from an 0-0 site which is unavailable. I don't know why this has to be so complicated, I would like to know how to make it work.
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What system are you on? We need to know this to figure out the best way to get the appropriate dictionary installed.
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I've experienced a few problems with the LibreOffice spell checker (on WinXP and Vista). I found that if I create a document in explorer (by right-clicking within a folder and selecting "New" > "OpenDocument Text") the spell checker ALWAYS breaks - and there's no way to fix it for that document, it's eternally broken. The only work-around I've found is to always create documents by just opening a new document in LibreOffice Writer and saving the file from there. It's less convenient, but it fixed the problem for me.

Try it out. I found that if I open a new document, paste in the entire text of an old document that was broken, and save the new document the spell checker works for the new document.
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Response by poster: I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium Dr Dractator. I solved the problem by installing a dictionary of New Zealand English which works fine. Why the dictionaries of UK English, US English etc which come pre-installed don't work is anyone's guess.

I tried your tip Tehhund of opening a new document from LibreOffice Writer rather than Explorer and found that gave me an additional dictionary in Australian English as well, though all the others were still broken. Anyway, it's free and you get what you pay for I guess. Thanks for your help.
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Anyway, it's free and you get what you pay for I guess.

The fork from OO is still pretty new, and it looks like LibreOffice will be the one that matters - you can expect things like this to improve in the future. This is the page for the OO en-US dictionary, you can probably get it to work with LO but I haven't tried anything.
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Response by poster: The problem was also that I installed 3.4, which apparently has some issues. It is also rubbish with .doc files for instance. I removed it and installed Libreoffice 3.3 and everything worked fine. The dictionaries were all there and worked properly and there was no problem in saving and working with documents as .doc files. By the time anyone reads this 3.4 might be bug free but until then I'd suggest 3.3 for anyone experiencing the difficulties I encountered.
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