Quebec City!!!
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Spending a couple days in Quebec City in early/mid-August. Where should I stay? Is it worth it to pay for more for somewhere in the old city? What is the parking situation?

We're a young couple, and the main priority in a hotel is 1) cost and 2) cleanliness. I don't really care about services or amenities. We'll have a car with us. Will there definitely be a place to park in a more central location/will we have to pay extra?

For example, would staying here, 2815 Blvd. Laurier, on what appears to be a main street, be convenient as far as getting downtown?

Any other recommendations would be great!
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Is your main destination the old city? I'd recommend trying to stay there or close enough to walk there. It's so quaint and parking in the old town is VERY limited. We rented a car and returned it in the Old Town for the duration of our visit and then rented again when we left. It's a great little city to walk around.
Staying in the old city shouldn't be too much more than the hotel you have listed and you might save money on daily parking, but I don't know about availability for August.
Hope you have a great trip!
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I highly recommend a romantic meal for two at Le Moine Echanson. One of the more memorable meals I've ever had (though I fully confess I had problems with my main).
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If you're trying to save on the hotel so you can blow you wad on food, I would recommend going to La Taniere, which is a bit outside of Quebec, but you said you'd have a car, and it's well worth the drive. Definitely do the tasting menu paired with the wines. Very expensive, but absolutely fantastic. One of the top meals I've ever had, and I eat out at some very nice restaurants in NYC fairly regularly.
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Best answer: I recommend one of the hotels in the Hôtels de la Nouvelle France group, specifically Hôtel Louisbourg, which is the least pricey of their offerings and excellently located; I've stayed there twice and was beyond pleased both times - it's very clean, great location just inside one of the main gates, easy walking distance from everywhere you could want to go, and has reasonable/competitive rates per night. I can't recommend that hotel enough, if it's available for the dates you want to visit.

It is so worth it to stay in Old Quebec. There isn't really any parking there and it is kind of maze-like to drive in because of the gates and the one-ways (especially if they have something going on that causes roads to be closed). The place you give is way outside of downtown and it would probably take a good half an hour to drive into Old Town.

Food wise, the better restaurants are just outside the walls of the old city, often along Rue Saint-Jean, but lots of places inside the walls have great ambiance.

Quebec City is my favourite - have fun!
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