Help getting past statements from Citibank UK - any suggestions?
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Help getting past statements from Citibank UK - any suggestions? Kafkaesque details within.

Hey folks,

I live in the US, and I'm trying to get a number of past statements for a Citibank account I had at Citibank in the UK. Simple, right? But I've now contacted them several times without success. Here's why:

- They are only willing to send my statements to the address they have on file, where I haven't lived since 2007. (I haven't accessed or otherwise dealt with the account since 2007, and it has had a zero balance since then).
- When I tried to update the address on file with my current address, they sent a letter to the old address, I guess as a confirmation.
- This letter of course bounced back to them since I don't live there anymore. Because it bounced back, they were unable to update the address. (I know, this is weird. But that's what they said. I guess I would need to have responded to the letter, but why would I be updating my address with them if I still lived at that address?).

Other relevant details:
- Other than not being able to respond to their letter, I've followed all the instructions given me (sending copious proof of identity, signature, etc.)
-It might be possible for me to figure out a way to get to the mail at my old address / keep it from bouncing back, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm working on this but I doubt I will be successful. I'm not even sure if they're willing to try the address verification again since it bounced back in the first place.
- I don't have online access to my account online anymore, probably because I haven't accessed it in four years. I don't have the debit card either with which to restore access (sigh). And I can't get a new debit card because of... the address issue.
- As much as I would love to fly to the UK to sort this all out, assume I can't really afford to do that :)
- Citibank US has not been able to help - I guess they're not at all tied up with the UK company.

I'm not sure what to do now, and I'd like to get these statements if possible. Has anyone had success with this, or do you have other suggestions other than asking on the phone and via FedEx?

Anybody have any secret customer service numbers or ideas? Thanks so much.
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Check your MeMail.
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