Need my grainy, yoghurty deliciousness, please.
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EstonianFoodFilter: Where can I find Estonian food products (specifically kama jahu) in the US?

When I was last in Tallinn I impulsively picked up a couple bags of kama flour at a supermarket before I left, and have been slowly feasting on their delicious contents until they are almost gone. I would like to get more, but haven't had any luck locating a supplier in the US (ran down the suggestions in this question, to no avail). I've had a bit more luck locating the Finnish analogue, but preferred the Estonian. Any leads on where to find this in the US/N. America?
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Where are you?

There are Russian stores here in the San Francisco Bay Area that carry products from all over that part of the world, and I suspect they would be happy to special order it for you.
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I'm in Chicago, but visit SF semi-regularly (used to live there), and would also be happy to mailorder.
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I like New World Market in San Francisco, but I just remembered Nordic House in Berkeley, which takes orders. They also carry "nordic peas" so maybe you could even mill your own kama, if you really get in a pinch.
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Hmm, can it be sent internationally? If yes, I can just swing by the store and send some your way. MeMail me.
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