Lobster on the South Shore?
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Best place to go for lobster on the South Shore of Nova Scotia?

My girlfriend and I will be on the South Shore next month and my girlfriend is absolutely dying to get some lobster in her gullet. My mother lives there so I'm pretty familiar with the territory, however I'm not much of a seafood eater myself so I'm not too in-the-know about where to go for good lobster. So where should we go??

We'll be staying in Lunenburg, so anywhere in town or close to it would be best.
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Head down to the docks and throw a rock. You'll hit a restaurant with better lobster than you've ever had. If price is no object, Fleur de Sel seems to be the place where the foodies go.
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I'd recommend Fleur de Sel right on Montague in Lunenburg for fancy lobster and Seaside Shanty in Chester Basin for a more traditional dinner (and their haddock chowder is pretty special, too). The Salt Shaker Deli (also on Montague, same proprietors as Fleur de Sel) will likely have a lobster special at least once while you're there, too.

Have a great vacation — I'm headed to Lunenburg for a day trip later this week, and I'm really looking forward to it.
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Seconding seaside shanty.
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I'm from Nova Scotia and my lobster-eating friends love to try to go directly to docks/fishermen wharves/warehouses to get cheap (relatively) live lobsters. Then home/cottage for boiling them. Believe me, you will be surrounded by lobster opportunities and the places listed above sound perfect for you(r girlfriend). Have fun! NS rocks!!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I'd forgotten about Fleur de Sel. My mom always raves about it.
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Like bquarter said, the cheapest way is to buy directly from the fishers. Since the price has dropped a few years ago, more and more have been selling directly to the public.
However, the lobster season closed on the south shore at the end of May, so I don't know how likely it will be that you'll be able to buy directly in that area.
Protip: If you happen to be in Dartmouth check out the fish truck next to Ralph's on Main st for some fresh seafood.
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