Multi-city weather snapshot on iPhone
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Is there an iPhone app that shows weather information for multiple cities on a single page/in a single list?

Most of the weather apps I have seen and used allow for multiple cities, but the information for each city is individually shown and must be swiped between. I am looking for one that shows the status of multiple cities at the same time.

As a corollary question, what is the best iOS weather app you use?
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Probably not what you're looking for, but since it's been a while and nobody's replied....

On my android phone, the home screen lets you add small widgets with the basic weather. Like you said, you can program that for any city, but only one at a time. I have added several of those widgets to my home screen and programmed each one for a different city, so they are all there together.
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Response by poster: Thanks, CathyG. Unfortunately not what I'm looking for. :-/

Maybe if I had posted at a different time...
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Sorry I don't have an answer for your first question. Every single weather app I've used uses some sort of swipe or tap to get to multiple cities.

There are so many weather apps that I would guess it comes down to personal usage, but I've settled, for now, on two weather apps.

Shine is on my first page for quick weather inquiries. It's fast and well designed and gives me just what I want to know.

My-Cast I have on my second page for when I need more in depth info, including weather.
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