Looking for a new iPod Touch case
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I'm looking for a case for my 3rd generation iPod Touch. I have a screen protector and don't use a case when I'm at home, but for work I've been using the Marware CEO case, but it's falling apart. I would like something similar to this: leather, covers the entire ipod (not just the back/sides), easy to take in and out, and access to the charging plug and volume controls.

Also, the Marware CEO cases are almost perfect for me, but I hate the plastic strap on the back, and if I could have a case just like it without the strap, it would be great
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I'm a fan of Sena cases. I had one for my iPhone 3G, and it held up very well. It protected my phone from a coupled of hard falls, and the leather just felt nicer over time. The only drawback is that they are pricier than other cases.
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I was given a DLO HipCase with my 2G touch several years ago - it's very nice, the leather is supple and feals great. Rather inexpensive now, too.
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