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I ran the Yahoo spyware scan yesterday on my PC on impulse and after it ran the quick version, it recommended a full scan, which I ran. It found two "objects" of a trojan named Kollah.

I instructed the program to delete the trojans. Of course this does not necessarily mean they were successfully removed.

Googling Kollah brings up mostly stuff from 2008 or so. Old as it is, would it still be a threat? I really don't feel like running another full scan with Yahoo security and the icon has always come and gone on the toolbar anyway. Is not on the toolbar.

Any recommendations for a good way to make sure it is eliminated and/or do so?

Oh, running Vista with the newest Windows browser installed recently. I know some of you are sneering, bleaahh.
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I'd run Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware consecutively just to make sure.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately something urgent has jome up and I possibly will not be able to contribute to this thread for this afternoon very much.
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Best answer: You should assume it still could be a threat. But it's also possible it's a false positive. Rather than rely on Yahoo's program, I would, as sharkfu says, try those two programs.

Then you should install Microsoft Security Essentials, and let it do a full scan of your system.
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MalwareBytes, HitmanPro, Microsoft's Safety Scanner is a combo I'm not going to deviate from for a while. If you're really paranoid, hit the ful instruction set on my profile.
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Microsoft Security Essentials. Little reason to use anything else
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for taking the time to offer help. God I hate these slime.
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