Can you help me find this sofa - or something like it?
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A friend of mine is hunting for a sofa similar to this one - which was available at World Market until they pulled it a few months ago. Does anyone know where I can buy either this exact sofa, or something similar (a nice, minimalist, wood-framed three-seater)?

World Market still has the loveseat version, but the three-seater version is what he's after. Failing that, a similar style of sofa would be fine too - as long as it keeps the minimalist, sort-of-modern sort-of-Asian look. (Price-wise: the lower the better, but if it's under $1k or so it should be fine.)

If it's available somewhere reasonably close to Dallas, that would be perfect - but anywhere in the States is probably doable.

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Hello, hello, what do we have here?

In fact, they gave me the name you're looking for: Hida Sofa

(I literally just Googled for "platform sofa" and in an Image Search, the link was one of the first 15. Lucky find, hope these work for your friend!)

(The manufacturer, and all the matching pieces in that line.)
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You are a legend.

I seriously spent HOURS trying to come up with the right googlejuice to find it; TinEye didn't come up with the goods either. This right here is one of those AskMe serendipity moments.
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I've been shopping for WAY too much furniture lately. It just hit me that the closest way I'd describe it is as a platform sofa, and fortunately, someone else had done that already for this model. Love it when a plan comes together.
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