Repairing "rugged" GPS screen
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How can I repair a chip in a GPS screen (it's not a touch screen)?

I recently got a Garmin GPSMAP 62s. Unfortunately while it was in my backpack it got a small chip in the screen. Is there any way to cheaply repair it? I can still use it perfectly fine, but since it is relatively new I'd like to get it fixed if I can. I've seen commercials for some type of resin for repairing chips in car windshields, is there something similar for electronics? (the page I linked earlier has the specs on the screen)
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Optically clear epoxy, example google result.
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Adding to StickyCarpet's idea: coat the surrounding area with vaseline first, in case of drips or spills. Be very careful to not get any in the chip, or the glue won't take.
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Garmin actually has a great reputation in this regard - Email them and explain what happened and that you'd like to know how to buy a new screen cover (the lcd itself sits under a protective clear faceplate). They may or may not even charge you for it (a friend contacted them for exactly that on a 60CSx, and they just sent it free of charge).

That said, buy a cheap stick-on screen protector for the new one. :)
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So I emailed Garmin several days ago and still have not gotten a response yet. If they don't respond soon I'll start looking at getting to epoxy.
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Okay, so after a few emails with Garmin with my serial number and purchase date, they told me today that even though this would normally not be covered under warranty, they will replace it this time as a one time customer courtesy. Thanks pla for the suggestion!
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