My wife wants to join me in geekdom!
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Where might Ms.Yum go for web development training in the Boston area?

Mrs.Yum is looking for web development training. She has some past HTML training but nothing major. Looking probably for a certificate maybe grad school but probably not. Generally eastern MA area. Affordable tuition a plus. One or two semester program better. Not totally comfortable with for profit schools like ITT or Phoenix.
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Harvard Extension School has some excellent Web development courses. I can particularly recommend David Heitmeyer's CS E-12, and I've heard excellent things about David Malan's classes as well.

The courses are not particularly cheap, but the instruction quality is high and the fundamentals are standards-based and rock-solid.
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Can she just self-teach with online courses / books? I'm not sure what the value in a certification / certificate is. I've never heard of an employer caring about them.
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If she wants to learn the way many of us working in the field do, she could start going to a local web development user group (in JavaScript, UI/UX, or something more specific like the Boston Python Group (and Boston Python Workshops), or a Ruby/Rails group or whatever).

This would be supported self-teaching, of couse, and would be about skills building and not certifications, but would be free!
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