USA v Brazil women's World Cup in London?
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Desperate to see the USA/Brazil Women's World Cup soccer match tomorrow. I'll be in central London. Surely some pub/bar/club will have it on, but I can't seem to find any. My Google-fu is failing me badly on this one, maybe the hive mind can help?
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I'd be AMAZED if someone wasn't livecasting it. Not as fun as being in a pub, but at least you'd catch the game. Free, just make an account. Then it's just a matter of locating it.
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It's on Eurosport, which most pubs that have Sky Sports should have. A lot of pubs are fairly obliging, and if you ask they'll probably put it on, even if they don't have it advertised.

You might be relegated to the poky telly round the back, without sound, if they're got something more popular on though.

Might be worth popping in a few early on to see.
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Response by poster: Ys: My ask was because I can't be home, but I should have said that. Sorry.
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The Albion in Blackfriars claims to be showing it. Best check first though.
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I'm remembering this place as being 'American' and advertising that they were showing the Super Bowl a few years ago; might be worth calling.
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i was in waterloo on wednesday and The Wellington (across street from jubilee line entrance to station) was showing a women's world cup game then. alternatively good standbys are F3K in Kensington, which shows everything sports-wise, and the Sports Cafe in picadilly.
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Response by poster: We rang the Albion this morning and they said they'd be showing the game - but when we arrived, they were closed. We managed to get to the Sports Cafe by halftime and enjoyed the rest of the nail-biting match.
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