Can Mp3tag do this?
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Mp3tag-filter: Can the program fill empty Title fields with the Filename?

It seems like the program lets you do far fancier things than that. But if the documentation explains how to do this, I wasn't able to find it.

I'm using version 2.49, if that makes a difference.
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How to import parts of the filename into the tag? explains how to do that. Or are you talking about doing it only when the title field is empty? Because this would just overwrite the title field as far as I can tell.
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Best answer: Sort by title. Shift-select only those with a blank title. Click the "Filename - Tag" button. Enter "%title%" (without the quotes) in the popup. Click Okay.
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Response by poster: Awesome! Then could I enter something to have a leading two-digit number stripped from the Filename during the transfer- i.e. changing 01 Main Title to Main Title?
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I think "%dummy% %title%" should work.
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(to be clear, the %dummy% will strip off the first word, regardless of it being a two-digit number or not)
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Response by poster: Perfect.

Resolving the question... LIKE A BOSS.
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