Blogs about infant and primary schools
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I'm looking for blogs about teaching in infant or primary schools, preferably in the UK.

In particular I'm interested in details of the classroom routines (this is for a story I'm writing). Support staff blogs would also be good. Thanks.
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I've occasionally look for those sorts of blogs as I'm a primary school teacher myself but never had much luck unfortunately. It doesn't seem to be the sort of people who do blog, or perhaps don't feel comfortable doing it?

Though if you're looking for details the TES (Times Education Supplement) forums are pretty busy and I'm sure there are people there who could and would help you... Unless I can too?

Link >
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Response by poster: Hi Ramo - many thanks for the link. I'll have a poke around there but will also contact you off list if that's ok - thank you for the offer of help.
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Response by poster: I have now spent some time at the TES link and there are some good details of activities happening in lessons, though you have to poke around a bit to find them. I also looked at Ofsted inspection reports wch sometimes give details of activities.
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