Wordpress User Management Challenge
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Wordpress filter: I am trying to set up a user management system with some specific requirements. I have hit a road block. Please help.

What I am trying to do:

I am designing a website (for a conference) where people can register for the conference by filling out a form with some information and paying the fee. After the spots are full, registered users can return to the website to sign the photo waiver and pick a roommate. The roommate must be of the same gender.

What I have so far:

I can use Gravity Forms (with paypal and user registration add-ons) to take care of the basic stuff. I can set up a form where people can register and pay the fee. Once the fee is paid, the user is registered with an account on the website.

What the road block is:

I don't know know to set up the later part of the process. How can I set up a system for roommate picking so that logged in users see a drop down list of same gender users from which they can pick a roommate from. There are two challenges involved with this:

1) How do I automatically generate the database of users filtered by gender

2) How do I set it up so that the system recognizes the gender of the logged in user and shows the appropriate list.

I don't know if Gravity Forms is capable of doing this. Are there any other plugins or combination of plugins that can help me achieve this? Is there any other solution besides plugins that can solve this?
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You could conceivably pull entries from the database to populate a form, but that's going to require a significant amount of custom programming. This knowledgebase entry should at least get you headed in the right direction.

You'd have to have gender as part of your initial form (custom user meta data) and ping that on your roommate form to determine who to populate the form with.
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