Help my friend keep kicking it with a kinked up hip
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Resources for disabled New Yorkers?

A friend in NYC has developed problems with her hip and knee over the past couple of years. Multiple doctor visits, much physical therapy and one surgery later, she is still in pain and having more and more difficulty getting around.

In our part of the city getting around for errands and work etc. involves hiking several blocks a day, going up and down steep subway stairs, carrying laundry and groceries around, etc.

She's always enjoyed pilates, yoga, biking, etc. and these activities are becoming less manageable for her. She misses exercise.

She is still young and the first in our group of friends to deal with these issues.

Any general advice? Or thoughts on social services that might be able to provide resources / information specific to residents of NYC?
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Is she filing for disability? Does she have some sort of medical opinion that she's disabled? Having physical problems isn't quite the same thing. I'm not trying to make light of her difficulties but to qualify for social services means she has to fit their criteria.. NY State has an
Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
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- ask a Central branch reference librarian for suggestions on public agencies/resources
- even if she doesn't qualify for Medicare, their office'd know of associated resources (community-based)
- if things get worse, Medicare/SSI provides home-care/delivery for groceries
- maybe move to Section 08 accessible housing-- I don't think it's disability-dependent
- look into water-based exercise, upper-body stretches and/or general stretches to do lying down
- there's often stuff specific to churches, to the Jewish community, or to other ethnic groups you'd find by contacting a community center
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