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I am looking for an armoire/wardrobe/closet to hang my clothes. Any inexpensive ($250 or less) and non-cumbersome recommendations? Also, will it damage my clothes if it's in the bathroom, where I'll be showering daily?

I plan to be living here at least six months and maybe up to a couple years. I don't want anything expensive or heavy--I don't want to deal with selling/moving it or feel bad about leaving it. I'm OK with any material, it doesn't need to look nice but I haven't seen any canvas options that don't look flimsy. I don't really care about having drawers. Any recommendations?

Also I have a HUGE bathroom so I'm considering putting it there. On the one hand I could see things getting mildewy, but on the other hand the steam should keep things wrinkle-free, right?
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My friend got a cheap IKEA armoire (she got it second-hand, so I'm not sure the price in-store). It was heavy, being particle-board, but looked decent and hung a fair number of clothes. Not the sort of thing you want to move, but if you get it cheap it can be leave-on-the-curb. As long as you air out the bathroom and don't take epic showers, I wouldn't think your clothes would get too musty - but it depends on the humidity in general where you are, too.

Here's a cheap IKEA wardrobe to start, though it's smaller than hers was.
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Heh - I used that Ikea Aneboda wardrobe for years (in beech finish, not white) for years. In fact, I still have it, though it's in storage at my shop. It's a very functional piece and it survived five years of daily use - not bad for $99. Your profile doesn't say where you are, but in the highly unlikely event you're in East Tennessee, you can have mine. Or you can go to Ikea and pick yours out.

Your clothes should be okay in the bathroom as long as you don't let it get really steamy, but I don't think particleboard furniture would fare too well in a high-humidity environment. Have you considered a garment rack instead? It might help keep clothes drier, too, if they're not enclosed in furniture.
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Do you have a CL in your location? Big pieces like armoires go pretty cheap. I have a huge, but wonderful carved walnut double-doored armoire that I got for around $250 here in LA.

If your shower is that steamy, why not install a fan?
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I have this IKEA wardrobe, which is cheap ($100, sometimes cheaper on sale) and fairly light. I like it because you can hang stuff and have shelves. When I move it's going to the curb, but it's pretty decent for now.
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