Help me name a new blog.
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Help me name a new blog.

It will be a personal blog. I'm not entirely sure in what direction I'll be taking it. There may be occasional journal-type entries, personal observations, pictures I've taken, links I find interesting, word-pictures. I won't be going into politics or current events. I won't be ranting about anything. I'll mainly be focusing on seeing the things around me with appreciation.

I wanted the name of the blog maybe to be a piece of a quote, poem or phrase that means, being alive/awake/aware/mindful or seeing stuff around me, but that's not a hard line. I'm open to other fragments/ideas ("Which Surprised Her" is one of my fave blog names, for example).

The name I liked best so far was "To Be Awake," but that seems to be pretty generic and widely taken in similar aliases and blog names. I suck at naming things. It usually takes me weeks, and I am impatient to be designing and posting. Help?
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Blog names tend to be personal so could you tell something about yourself? Name, hobbies, favorite book, etc.
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"Runs both ways..."

From a Bob Wills song about a little kid with a big appetite and a ton of energy.

"Pulls up weeds and does the chores
And he runs both ways to all the stores"
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The Sensate World
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Everything happens. Ready but not prepared.
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Every Thing Illuminated

And She Opened Her Eyes Again

A Feast for the Senses

Awake and Alive

All Things Appreciated
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All but a scattered few
Husband that which they possess within
And go to the grave unthought of.


The grave unthought of?
A scattered few?
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A Uniform Hieroglyphic
A Hundred Affections
Of the Foolish as Much as The Wise
My Own Diversity
The Common Air that Bathes the Globe
All Truths Wait in All Things
An Acme of Things Accomplish’d
(all from Whitman)
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So I put it on the internet.
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A Schoolhouse of Little Words (from Mary Oliver's Breakage)
The Grace of the World (Wendell Berry, The Peace of Wild Things)
Language Falls Away (Atwood's Spelling)
Everything and Luck (G.E. Patterson's Autobiographica)
Sleeper's Wake
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To Eat a Tangerine

from this essay by Thich Nhat Hanh, which I've always loved.
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the meaning of perfect
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Flying by ear.
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“It receives but does not keep.”
Chuang Tsu

You receive these insights and images, and give them unto the internets.
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With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things... (William Wordsworth)

'An eye made quiet' ?
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"Anonymous Grab bag"
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The Mirror of Me
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Think about who you are. If it's a personal blog like that, maybe you should name it something that reflects who you really are.
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To many names.
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If personal observations and and pictures are the subject matter, a regional hint may suffice or a solid yet wide ranging adjective combonation. For instance, a story line I tossed involved a french and american counter-part. Each sorta knew each was trying to get something, espionage. The jist was the confrontation with-in that chapters story-arc. "Listen, rather then spy and steal, I will just sell you what you want, we can can call it espoinage and eliminate the receipts".

I tagged the chaper 'Air Frame' which was better then 9 pages of needless dialouge, condensed it stood as No Receipt.
rarly have I answered a question like this but it is interesting. The above just expands on the need to connect with the reader and something local or familar may help. Also, when and if you have a mock up and some content, before going live look at the work as a snapshot of what you want to convey. A synthesis of your work must have a deep root in your title and grounded in what you project.

good luck.
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I get a lump in my throat when I read the last parts of WW's Ode: Intimations of Immortality.

... Those shadowy recollections,
Which, be they what they may,
Are yet the fountain-light of all our day,
Are yet a master-light of all our seeing;
Uphold us, cherish, and have power to make
Our noisy years seem moments in the being
Of the eternal Silence: truths that wake,
To perish never:

"Fountain light" ? "Truths that wake" ?

Not so easy to bloggify but the last lines of the poem are also beautiful:

The clouds that gather round the setting sun
Do take a sober colouring from an eye
That hath kept watch o'er man's mortality;
Another race hath been, and other palms are won.
Thanks to the human heart by which we live,
Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears,
To me the meanest flower that blows can give
Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.
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There's Treasure Everywhere


Colours of the Wind

Interdum Fidelis (okay, this one doesn't quite have the tone of the others and may also be butchering Latin, but I'm spinning this one off that sometimes we don't see things correctly/"truthfully"; it's a play on the "perception" theme)
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Something with the word prescient in it.

The Shiny Path wording slightly altered to make it sound quirkier, and so you don't end up on a terrorist watch list
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Pamopticon (but only if your name is Pam).
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